May 28, 2012

moving week...

This is what my week looks like.

Soooooooooo many boxes. So much tape, so many garbage bags.

Tomorrow me and my friend Meghan are going to Slave Lake to pick up a truck and trailer from my dad so that I can get all the boxes - and furniture - out of the house and into the new house! Yaaaaaaay.

May 24, 2012

Everglow Giveaway!

One time Arianne took my family picture and it was so much fun and we loved them and now me and husband need 'family' pictures!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!


+ being graduated was supposed to be funner than this. i was supposed to start working right away to help hubby bring in the cash.. yeah, that hasn't happened. i've been sitting at home. AND

+ our second car broke down, which means i'm literally homebound. BUT

+ carter hasn't been working much this week (read: at all) because of all the ran so i kind of have had a car. my old car (hugo) is returning to us this weekend hopefully so carter will have a work vehicle.

+ i love scrapbooking. love. i'm not very good at it, but i love it.

+ packing sucks. a lot. our house is a complete disaster right now which is super embarrassing because our landlord has been doing showings and there is NO possible way for me to get it cleaned up enough to be presentable.

+ this is going to be our last weekend in this tiny apartment!! we're moving out on the 30th, and into our new place on the 1st, which leaves us in 2 days of limbo. how fun.

+ carter wants to be an RCMP! the application process is huge and long, but it's a great career if we can make it work!

+ all these pictures of babies on the internet (facebook, twitter, ellen) are not helping my craving for offspring!! haaaaaahaha. i just know we would have the cutest little baby GIRL and i want her. but i can wait. :)

May 13, 2012

Mom's Day. :)

Today is a day that so many people talk about and love to talk about. And this year, we have a lot to talk about. Really.

- My mom, Lynette. She birthed me, raised me, spoileds me (we went for pedicures and shopping last weekend!), and supports me in every single thing I do. She is brave, beautiful, and strong. It's taken me way too long to realize this, but she is probably one of my very best friends.

- Carter's mom, Elizabeth. She birthed and raised Carter, sometimes in unideal circumstances, but I think he turned out amazing. She is also very supportive and Carter is very protective of her. She's welcomed me into their little family without hesitation.

- Carter's stepmom, Shawna. She helped Elizabeth and Carter's dad, Cameron, raise him and his brother while also raising their two sisters. She also welcomed me into the family without hesitation. I love both of these women.

- My mom's mom, Grandma Atwood. She is so easy to talk to (some grandmas aren't!) and she loves all of her grandkids - including Carter! - and talks about them all the time. She even has sweaters with our names stitched into them! Such a cute lady. Ahhh I want to name one of my daugher's Penny in her honor. :)

- My dad's dad, Gramma Martin. Gramma has had some health problems, but she still makes time for all of her 40 grandkids (including spouses) and 34 great-grandkids! She's amazing. :)

- Carter's mom's mom, Grandma Bourne. She is an angel. She's so sweet and caring. Her accent is so cute too!

- Carter's stepmom's mom, Grandma Kergan. I've known Mary Kergan since I was little and now she's another one of my grandmothers! Funny how life works. :)

- Carter's dad's mom, Mammy Peterson! She took me in as one of her grandkids before we were even engaged! She is honestly the cutest, strongest 80-year-old lady I've ever known. 

Look at all these women we have to be grateful for! And we are SO grateful. I can't wait until I myself become a mother so my children can know all of these women! So many grandmas and great-grandmas! :) 

Happy mother's day to Mom, Shawna, Elizabeth, Grandma A, Grandma B, Grandma K, Mammy P, and Gramma M!

May 8, 2012


I love the month of May. I graduated, have a sunburn, Carter is finally working more than 40 hours a week (hurrahhhh), and summer is basically here!!

My parentssss!

Dad's an alumni too, ya know!

The fabulous 5 (minus 1 - we never really loved her anyway.)

The Peterson's.

BFF. (ps. rock on.)