November 25, 2013

{8 months}

Mister Jack is now 8 months old!

He weighs 16.7 lb and is 24.6" long. And is in a new convertible car seat! [Rear-facing - I'm no cray!]

He is now mobile - he can roll when and where ever he wants, and can almost crawl. And he sits.

He still loves his duck, his teething ring, his jumper, and he recently discovered his toes.

He still doesn't have any teeth, but he's working hard at it.

He started loving the swing again!

We've started giving him more solids, his favorites are spaghetti, beef and vegetables, peaches, and carrots. We've also given him homemade pancakes, breadsticks from Olive Garden, and onions! He's a huge fan of raw onions. And red peppers.

And in celebration of his first Christmas coming up in a month.. We took some festive pictures!

[First time w/ Santa @ the Grey Nuns NICU party]